Saturday, June 2, 2007

WebGem: Plane Crash at Baseball Game, Alaska Goldpanners

This is the famous "Plane Crash Game" -- as seen on ESPN, FOX Sports (etc.), and vidclip websites around the Internet. Over a million views on YouTube alone... which is amazing, considering that nobody died. Just think of how many hits there would be if one or two people had been freakishly injured or snuffed!

The Cameraman and Producer is Todd Dennis; Gero von Dehn makes the "Crazy Landing" call. Gero is now lead singer for the Pittsburgh, PA metal group "Von Dane"

The good news (I guess.. don't know if I want this guy flying again) is that all four people on board survived. The unbelievable news is that the pilot's daughter was playing soccer on the field in the background when it happened, and rushed to his father's aid!!

Story Here:

The batter is Jeff Culpepper (Cubs). After the game resumed :45 later, Jeff took the first pitch to the wall in right. Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks beat the Anchorage Bucs - 7/31/2003. Footage courtesy of PannerVision and the Goldpanners -

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