Saturday, September 15, 2007

I asked you (Hermione & Draco)

made this video a very very long time ago, and i used Adobe Premiere 6 to make it, so the effects aren't as good as Sony Vegas.
it's a video about a broken relationship between hermione and draco.

Song: i asked u (Sa2altek) by Hani Shaker (arabic song)
dedicated to: Dana (hope u enjoy it)

I asked "who are you?"
U answered with two words
U swore that what's between us was a first in ur life
U drew two tears
And ur lying eyes played the loyal kind role
I heard so many things implying that the only solution is to break up
That u left behind a thousand burning hearts
I asked about ur past at the beginning
U said it was a normal past ... u said it was innocent
And I kept floating in ur drowning sea
Ur love was precious ... it was so high
It was stronger than the nights ... stronger than life
My journey's length with u was unknown
U lied about facts ... u ran away from the past
U were loyal for minutes, and u cheated for hours
U told after u, my whole past died
U kept deceiving me with love and care
U knew how to possess me...take me out of time
I gave u my whole life ... I gave u safety
U tried to deceive me with ur angel picture
U tried to break me, I ran away from doom
I got my heart closer; it told me "our life is not there"
Ur hobby is betrayal, and love of victory
And always the stronger in a moment of weakness
And the last of the victim, a sorry note ...
Because all my life, I hated deceiving
Because my love to u is fated to be lost
Although I still want u ... but I rather say goodbye
I cannot be someone, tortured day and night
I won't dream of happiness, and then live in hell
I'll get the ending closer, I will close the curtain
Enjoy! and plz leave a comment and rate it :

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