Saturday, September 15, 2007

Take what's left of me

Draco loves Hermione and Hermione loves Draco, but neither know. One day Draco runs into Hermione and the rest of the trio, Draco and Hermione look each other in the eyes, but Hermione sees something she's never seen before. Pain. She's never seen this kind of pain in his eyes. Draco decides to tell Hermione how he feels and wants her to take whats left of him through all the pain.
Song: Take what's left by Nick Lachey
*Note*: Ok, obviously people don't understand that this is a fan based video, meaning it's made by me, who happens to be a fan of the pairing I have used. Stop sending me hate mail saying that you love rupert, Dan and Tom and that they would never date emma. I don't care if you like them or not, I love them aswell. FAN BASED VIDEO!!!! Get a life

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